A Legacy of Lessons Learned: Landstuhi Regional Medical Center During Wartime, 2001-2014: Landstuhi Regional Medical Center During Wartime, 2001-2014 (Hardcover)

A Legacy of Lessons Learned: Landstuhi Regional Medical Center During Wartime, 2001-2014: Landstuhi Regional Medical  Center During Wartime, 2001-2014 Cover Image
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Excerpt from A Legacy of Lessons Learned: Landstuhl Regional Medical Center During Wartime, 2001-2014:

For over 25 years, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) has served as a model of “selfless service,” stepping up to the demands of a suddenly increased rate of traumatically injured service members arriving from the battlefield. From Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield; through the attacks in Somalia, the Khobar Towers, and USS Cole; to the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, LRMC has stood at the forefront of military healthcare, receiving our Nation’s and our partners’ wounded and ill from battlefields and contingencies across multiple theaters. From a community hospital providing routine healthcare delivery to personnel stationed in Europe and their families before 9/11, LRMC transitioned into a Level 1, triservice, integrated trauma center, providing lifesaving care to tens of thousands of evacuated service members, in addition to handling all the associated needs of these patients, from payroll assistance to chaplain services, service and unit liaison support, and veteran service organization support, as well as delivering ongoing healthcare to beneficiaries across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The goal of this text is to share the lessons learned by LRMC staff in converting from a peacetime to wartime footing, serving as a guide for US military hospitals in similar situations in the future. The innovations and solutions planned and implemented so successfully by LRMC staff will assist future military medical and line leaders in maintaining the highest quality of healthcare services for future generations of our service men and women in combat, improving upon the historically high survival rates seen in these conflicts.


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Karen A. Hennessy RN, MS, CPNP is a professional writer and a nurse practitioner who specializes in pediatric oncology.

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