Immortal River: The Upper Mississippi in Ancient and Modern Times (Paperback)

Immortal River: The Upper Mississippi in Ancient and Modern Times By Calvin R. Fremling Cover Image
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    This engaging and well-illustrated primer to the Upper Mississippi River presents the basic natural and human history of this magnificent waterway. Immortal River is written for the educated lay-person who would like to know more about the river's history and the forces that shape as well as threaten it today. It melds complex information from the fields of geology, ecology, geography, anthropology, and history into a readable, chronological story that spans some 500 million years of the earth's history. 
    Like the Mississippi itself, Immortal River often leaves the main channel to explore the river's backwaters, floodplain, and drainage basin. The book's focus is the Upper Mississippi, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Cairo, Illinois. But it also includes information about the river's headwaters in northern Minnesota and about the Lower Mississippi from Cairo south to the river's mouth ninety miles below New Orleans. It offers an understanding of the basic geology underlying the river's landscapes, ecology, environmental problems, and grandeur.

About the Author

Calvin Fremling is professor emeritus of biology at Winona State University and former aquatic ecologist at the Resources Studies Center, St. Mary's University of Minnesota. He has written numerous articles on the environment and the Mississippi River.

Praise For…

"More complete and comprehensive than any book I know on the Upper Mississippi River."—James W. Eckblad, Department of Biology, Luther College.

"Calvin Fremling has successfully described and explained a very complex river system and series of events to a general audience. To my knowledge, there has not been any attempt to address the spatial and temporal scope that is contained in Immortal River. In fact, I dare say, there is nothing even close."—Thomas O. Claflin, professor emeritus of biology, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
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