Liberty or Death: A Thea Kozak Mystery (Hardcover)

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Thea Kozak is a woman who has prided herself on always being the strong one in a crisis. While she's usually not the one that starts the process, she seems to always be the one to clean up the messes--and she's had practice at it. She survived her husband's death and her sister's brutal murder and not only came through with her mind and heart intact, but has used that pain to help others. Thea is a tough yet tender-minded woman who--through twists of fate, some spectacular bits of bad timing, and her refusal to walk away from someone in trouble--has had her share of dead bodies and heartache cross her path.

Liberty or Death is the sixth Thea Kozak mystery. Thea is as strong as ever, and she will need every bit of that strength. This trouble is not of Thea's own choosing... and it threatens everything she values.

Thea is minutes away from finally marrying her long-time love Andre Lemieux--the state trooper who helped her discover the truth about her sister's death, and the one person Thea can rely on to be strong for her. But Thea is left standing at the altar, and brought horrible news of Andre's capture by forces unknown. The last place he was seen was near a small town in Maine that is a hotbed of right-wing conspiracy theorists... and lots of people with twitchy trigger fingers.

Thea knows she shouldn't get involved. Let the professionals do their job. Her job, for once, is to wait... and to pray. But that doesn't sit too well with a woman who has taken pride in being in control of much of her life and who has triumphed over adversities that would make a battle-weary veteran sag.

And when the other half of your heart is threatened, safety and self-preservation--and maybe even sanity--take a backseat.

About the Author

Kate Flora is an accomplished attorney who has worked as an assistant attorney general in Maine, representing the Department of Human Services in child protection. She is a former president of the New England chapter of Sisters in Crime and is currently the national president of that organization. "Liberty or Death" is the sixth title in the Thea Kozak mystery series. She resides in Concord, Massachusetts.

Praise For…

"Thea Kozak is a terrific, in-your-face, stand-up gal. Stephanie Plum and Thea Kozak would have a lot to say to each other."--Janet Evanovich

"If a sleep-losing page-turner is your thing, keep an eye on Thea. She's one of the good guys."--Richard Barre, Shamus Award winning author of The Innocents and Bearing Secrets

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ISBN: 9780312877910
Publisher: Forge Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2003
Pages: 336