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South tells one of the most thrilling tales of exploration and survival against the odds which has ever been written. It details the experiences of the the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition which set off in 1914 to make an attempt to cross the Antarctic continent. Under the direction of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the expedition comprised two components: one party sailing on the Endurance into the Weddell Sea, which was to attempt the actual crossing; and another party on board the Aurora, under the direction of Aeneas Mackintosh, sailing into the Ross Sea on the other side of the continent and tasked with establishing depots of stores as far south as possible for the use of the party attempting the crossing. Shackleton gives a highly readable account of the fate of both parties of the Expedition. Both fell victim to the severe environmental conditions of the region, and it was never possible to attempt the crossing. The Endurance was trapped in pack-ice in the Weddell Sea and the ship was eventually crushed by the pressure of the ice, leaving Shackleton's men stranded on ice floes, far from solid land. Shackleton's account of their extraordinary struggles to survive is as gripping as any novel.
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ISBN: 9780368589379
ISBN-10: 0368589374
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: April 12th, 2019
Pages: 340
Language: English