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The Book That's Sweeping America! or Why I Love Business (Hardcover)

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The world's greatest business consultant takes the business book down to a whole new level

Not to take anything away from E.F. Hutton, but when Stephen Michael Peter Thomas(r) talks, people really listen. (Or at least they turn their heads in his general direction). And what they hear astounds them. The ideas are so simple. The wisdom so pure. And the concepts as familiar as they are obvious. Stephen Michael Peter Thomas is one of the rare thinkers who can make timeless half-truths sound refreshingly new. (Or maybe it's just that he charges so much that clients have deluded themselves to believe that he is really onto something )

Packed with knowledge, insight, and sometimes even a kernel of wisdom, The Book That's Sweeping America gives readers what Fortune 100 companies have paid millions for. Stephen Michael Peter Thomas's every word mints a new batch of buzz phrases destined to be bandied about everywhere. "Layered Niche Reengineering (LNR)" "Shaker Benchmarking" "Open-Book Reading" We'd call it Stephen Michael Peter Thomas-ese if his name wasn't so impressively lengthy.

In The Book That's Sweeping America , Stephen Michael Peter Thomas taps into his visionary gift to provide a road map of all the latest concepts steering business around the world. Leadership. Competition. Strategy. Wardrobe. Stephen Michael Peter Thomas tackles each topic one by one. And The Book That's Sweeping America comes with a bona fide guarantee--not a single idea is new or different enough to challenge or make you feel uncomfortable. Competing in business is tough enough these days without having to worry about tackling new material.

* Fascinating case stories and interviews from the world's most successful organizations (like all business books there will most likely be cases from Xerox)
* Eye-catching photos, charts, and graphics that make even the most obvious ideas easy to grasp
* Learning summaries, Q&As, and exercises to implement in the odd chance that something new or original strikes you

STEPHEN MICHAEL PETER THOMAS (The Sphere of Influence, USA) describes himself as "the most talked about and influential business consultant the world has ever seen." The confidante of CEOs and the darling of the academic set, he is never referred to as "Steve.

About the Author

STEPHEN MICHAEL PETER THOMAS began his business career at age 14 as strategy consultant and head clerk at Wilson's Fish Market, Inc. After graduating summa cum laude from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT simultaneously, Steve went on to earn an MBA and LLD. After a stint as the youngest partner at the blue-chip consultancy McKinsey & Co., Steve founded his own firm and was immediately in demand by business leaders worldwide. Steve's first book Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better, topped the New York Times Bestseller List even before it was written. When he is not consulting, globe-trotting, conducting seminars, or writing bestsellers, Steve likes to spend time with his collection of technology-based devices including a Gulfstream V, desktop supercomputer, and personal submarine.
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ISBN: 9780471173984
ISBN-10: 0471173983
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: March 14th, 1997
Pages: 165
Language: English