An American Mom: A Son's Confession (Paperback)

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Kyler Denton is a child and as any other child he is learning about life. Before learning right from wrong, Kyler witnessed atrocities that permanently altered his sense of truth. His consciousness is scarred with dread and death.

After twenty years, Kyler is braced to acknowledge his secrets as the son of one of the most infamous criminal minds in the city's past. It's time to set Kyler free from this burden; he doesn't want it anymore.

Kyler tells the tragic moments of endurance between a mom and son. The dead can't tell their tale, but the witness still remembers. Against warnings, Kyler will disclose the details of the crimes.

This is a true story of grim tragedies, observed through Kyler's eyes. As he re-lives the vivid accounts of his history as the son of Penny Denton, he reveals the shocking true story of growing up in a life of drugs, money and HOMICIDE.

How did Penny evade capture? Who helped cover the crimes and why? From beginning to end, Kyler will reveal the truth.

This is Kyler's Confession...

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ISBN: 9780578527413
ISBN-10: 0578527413
Publisher: Origins Press
Publication Date: July 7th, 2019
Pages: 362
Language: English