Iceland With Kids: The Step-By-Step Guide to Planning Your Vacation in Iceland (Paperback)

Iceland With Kids: The Step-By-Step Guide to Planning Your Vacation in Iceland By Eric Newman, Lora Newman (Contribution by) Cover Image
By Eric Newman, Lora Newman (Contribution by)
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"Kind of like getting the best tips from a friend who's just been."

An international trip can seem overwhelming. Will your cell phone work? What kind of power converter do you need? What if your kid gets sick? And then there's the figuring out what to do once you're there. Why does everyone have a list of "must see" places? If you saw them all, you'd be in Iceland for a year. Or maybe forever.

"We purchased (or borrowed) several Iceland guidebooks including Lonely Planet, Frommers, Rick Steves, and Lonely Planet Ring Road, but this was my favorite."

We want to simplify the process. We walk you through the steps of preparing for your trip to Iceland. You'll find pages and pages of information about your cell phone, power adapters, and how to find the medicine you need. And we'll help you develop a touring itinerary, with sample itineraries based on length of stay and reviews and detailed recommendations for hundreds of destinations in Iceland.

"His descriptions are so candid, offering up positives and negatives - info you can actually use."

This is a different kind of travel book. Adults will love the detailed planning information, and we hope kids (and adults) will enjoy the more than 300 full color pictures throughout the book.
You won't find a list of every single hotel in Iceland or every single restaurant. You'll likely look at online reviews for those. And you won't find a list of every single attraction. You can't see it all, so please don't try We give you plenty to cover in a vacation of any length.

"What I am saying is, this book is VERY thorough. I can almost guarantee that this book will have a wealth of information for you, even if you've already planned your trip like I had."

It's also different because the author will answer your questions Contact us at or by email at and we'll respond. Really

One bonus: We recently finished a video course to teach you how to drive safely and confidently in Iceland. A local Icelander reviewed the course and said, "Absolutely amazing ... I'm blown away to be honest." If you purchase our book, contact us and we'll send you a code to get the driving course for free See for details.

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Publication Date: February 9th, 2020
Pages: 188
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