No Time to Hate: Lexius Henson's Journal of Enlightenment (Paperback)

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This is the journal of Lexius Henson Sr., one of the richest mulatto men in the Pre and Post-Civil War South. The son of a doctor from South Carolina, Lexius was a free man, often referred to as a "white man by day and a black man by night." He owned and operated one of the finest restaurants/saloons in the South, a three-story exquisite experience, serving the finest food, cigars, wine, ales and liquor.

Lexius's clientele consisted of great generals of the Civil War and statesmen from all regions and abroad, some of the rishest men in the world, bankers, steel and oil moguls, whose descendents are still of the wealthiest class in modern soiciety. Many of the South's secrets and wordly knowledge were divulged while under the infulence of Lexius's intoxicating beverages and delicacies. These great men sought Lexius's advice for his infinite wisdom and Lexius changed the thoughts of many men to benefit all mankind.

I challenge you to come and dine inside the mind and dreams of Lexius Henson Sr. and share his vision and hopes of one day unifying all races--the human race. Open up your mind so Lexius can fill your heart and dare you to make a difference. Take off the shades that have blurred your knowledge, and turn on the light

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Publication Date: December 22nd, 2018
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