A Nation Reborn: Book Four of an American Saga (Paperback)

A Nation Reborn: Book Four of an American Saga By Arnold Kontiel Cover Image
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Within 24 hours after George Burton is sworn in as President of the United States the oligarchs and the Deep State begin to take him and his fledging administration down. Across the country the establishment is determined to "Resist" the rise of the NAPA and Leftist revolutionary groups take to the streets, calling for an insurrection. In every state and every major city in the country, race riots breakout. The rioters begin burning their neighborhoods, causing billions of dollars of damage. Soon they begin attacking the police and fire departments who are trying and restore law and order. Law enforcement is overwhelmed when leftist city governments tie the hands of the police or weakened them to the point where they are unable to respond. The rioters begin attacking white people, light skinned Hispanics and Asians across the country, considering them as irredeemable oppressors supporting "Light Supremacy." Everyone with a light skin complexion is singled out and beaten or killed. Within one week hundreds of thousands of people are dead and millions more must flee their homes. At first President Burton is helpless. But he is actually preparing for a massive effort to restore law and order across the United States. He must first purge the Deep State, the Armed Forces and the Intelligence agencies of leftists who oppose his presidency. On the seventh day he does not rest, but unleashes the Armed Forces and attack U.S. cities. He is determined to restore order and punish those who are responsible for this insurrection. When it is over millions are dead. Not since the Civil War has so much blood been spilled on American soil. Now President Burton must begin the task of rebuilding the country and punishing those responsible. He orders the convening of a Constitutional Convention and out of it a new America and Republic are born.
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Publication Date: December 22nd, 2022
Pages: 234
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