My Parents Are Aliens And I Don't Like Peanut Butter! (Paperback)

My Parents Are Aliens And I Don't Like Peanut Butter! By Olivier Grolleau (Illustrator), Sandra Jane Maidwell Cover Image
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"The stories will be wild and crazy, but nothing as wild and crazy as the truth: that your parents are actually from another planet A planet so far away they didn't even travel on a space ship to get to you. No. Alien parents who adopt you when you are five and change everything, those kind travel through Time Tubes. And if you haven't heard of Time Tubes, don't worry, no one has " Thought you had it bad? Rebecca must come to terms with the fact that her adoptive parents are from another universe. Further more, who are Rebecca's real parents anyway, and what will they do to her now that they are on the loose? And can't Ms. Agnes, Rebecca's teacher, just adopt her already? Join Rebecca on her journey to discovering family values and dealing with aliens who might look like everyone else, but who are very different indeed.
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ISBN: 9781456321765
ISBN-10: 1456321765
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 31st, 2010
Pages: 220
Language: English