Rough Justice: Essex Murders, United Kingdom (Paperback)

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The Market Town of Coggeshall in Essex was set alive when local Doctors wife disapeared and was later found murdered.this was to lead to many more killings.was she murdered by the Ipswich Ripper.who was married in-Braintee Essex Lived In Halstead In Essex was a regular in the Woolpack inn in Coggeshall.this was the last place Diane Joanes was seen alive?Jeremy Bamber was not involved in any way with the coggeshall murders.yet the coggehall murders where connected to the Bamber Murders?there may be a small clerical the manuscript.details? this book is full of true murder cases.which will go down in history.did i have a vision of Jesus.Did I receive a Prophecy.for the end of the World?read this will not be dissapointed.a man has servrd 26 years in prison for murders i feel he never ever committed.i felJeremy Bamber is the mistakes made by the police in this dreadfull tale of 5 members of one family shot dead.

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this is my second book. i am The Author of The Psychic Path To wealth?
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