Dog Days: The New York Yankees' Fall from Grace and: Return to Glory,1964-1976 (Paperback)

Dog Days: The New York Yankees' Fall from Grace and: Return to Glory,1964-1976 By Philip Bashe Cover Image
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How did the New York Yankees, home to so many legends such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, go from dominating "America's pastime" from 1921-1964 to falling into last place in 1966? Author Philip Bashe shares his unique take on the abrupt collapse of the Yankees' dynasty and the team's decade-long climb back to the top. Mickey Mantle's retiring in '69 and Roger Maris's serious injuries left the Yankees' dugout "devoid of a single superstar" for the first time in decades. Management's inability to replace this outgoing talent perpetuated the drought that would plague the Yankees for the next 11 years. Poor handling of the team's few remarkable talents, unfortunate trades, and leadership shortcomings kept the Yankees anchored in failure.

But there's more to it than that. Bashe looks at the dog days of the Yankees in a wider social context of 1960's America, giving a refreshing texture and depth to this period of sports history. Yankee haters will revel in the recounting of the team's epic slump, and Yankee fans will get a better understanding of their team's history, and rejoice in their dramatic return to glory in the '76 pennant race.

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