Strength Training Over 40: A 6-Week Program to Build Muscle and Agility (Paperback)

Strength Training Over 40: A 6-Week Program to Build Muscle and Agility By Alana Collins Cover Image
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Improve your quality of life with this over 40 strength program

There are many reasons to maintain and build muscle mass. Metabolism levels, hormonal health, and even a sharper mind are all connected to the strength of your muscles, tendons, and joints. But most importantly, maintaining mobility as you age is essential to your quality of life. Resistance training can help you continue to move freely throughout your life for years to come.

Inside Strength Training Over 40, you'll find detailed, realistic goals within a training program you can stick with. Focused on well-balanced, full-body training, you'll be able to increase muscle mass with or without gym access. This six-week comprehensive strength training program prioritizes safety with effective, easy tutorials and illustrations to help guide you to a stronger, better you.

Strength Training over 40 is:
  • Flexible—You can customize or modify your workout, making adjustments that work for you. This program adapts to gym or home, even small spaces like apartments.
  • Motivational—A positive, non-critical voice infuses the book. Weekly inspirations, goals, and self check-in worksheets will help keep you on track and committed to your program.
  • Safe—Tutorials and safety tips help you get the most out of each exercise without putting your body at risk. Step-by-step workout instructions and less intense alternatives are available to fit your current fitness level needs.

Sustain overall health when you build total body strength with Strength Training over 40.

About the Author

Alana Collins is a Certified Fitness Coach based in Victoria, British Columbia, who works primarily with clients middle-aged and older. She is a champion of strength training for life, focusing on sustainable strength and wellness rather than quick-fix gimmicks. For more information about Alana, visit

Praise For…

“As a two-time testicular cancer survivor, taking care of my mind, body, and soul became paramount since the ripe old age of 25. Alana Collins’s book is both essential and rewarding for all of us wanting to live our best lives, for the rest of our lives.” —Joe Fresta, Chairman,

“As a fitness professional who works with older adults (65+), I found Strength Training Over 40 to be very clear, concise, and factual. The illustrations are a wonderful addition, and I was able to follow along easily. I recommend this book to seniors to help build healthy habits.” —Kelly Nygard, Nygard Fitness LLC, DBA Live 2 B Healthy

“As a former national-level fitness competitor now in my 40s, I appreciate Alana's focus on strength rather than the scale. She says, if we focus on strength, everything else will fall into place, which I find to be refreshing and a much healthier and sustainable way to train! I love it!” —Shelly Lynn Hughes, Founder of Fresh Magazine and Partner in Project Her, Inc.

“Alana Collins created an outstanding strength training program/guide for men and women over 40. This masterpiece of a book covers all the bases, from physical fitness to strength training, nutrition, and how the combination of them all leads to overall brain health. As a 48-year-old veteran who's had multiple surgeries and has a passion for being fit, this book is exactly what I need to get my body and mind right once again!” —Marcelino A. Magallanez, Jr., Retired US Navy Former Command Fitness Leader

“This book tells you exactly how to keep your body strong, and I appreciate that it focuses on strength rather than being a certain size. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable while educating yourself. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs help cutting through all the confusing fitness advice being thrown at us today.” —Yong E., lifestyle blogger over 50
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ISBN: 9781646116126
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Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
Pages: 214
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