Mindset Makeover: Understand the Neuroscience of Mindset, Improve Self-Image, Master Routines for a Whole New Mind, & Reach your Full Hu (Paperback)

Mindset Makeover: Understand the Neuroscience of Mindset, Improve Self-Image, Master Routines for a Whole New Mind, & Reach your Full Hu By Som Bathla Cover Image
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If You Want To Change Your Life Change Your Mindset

Do you often wonder how a few people do the seemingly impossible things while most of others struggle to just go through every day life?

What if you could harness the full potential of your mind and reach your goals faster by mindset switch.

Imagine thinking like a genius and acting like top-performers in your chosen field and achieving the life of your dreams.

MINDSET MAKEOVER will help you as your mindset coach to learn how the principles of neuroplasticity work and then provide you the effective strategies to rewire your mindset. You'll learn how mindset matters in all areas of your life and what should you do to attain a total mindset make over.

Discover the Limitless Potential of Human Body and Mind
  • Find real-life examples of how Human body and brain have vast potential to break any barriers with the right mindset.
  • Learn how the 40% rule helps Navy SEALS to keep going despite signals of body fatigues.
Develop Growth Mindset, Learn the Mindset Secrets for Winning
  • What is a growth mindset and how to develop it by undertaking growth mindset activities
  • Know about real-life people with growth mindsets and what you can learn from them.
  • Why labeling your child as smart doesn't work and what works rather?
  • How legends like Einstein, Disney and Tolstoy with just average childhoods reached to the top of their fields?
  • Find your specific mindset by this simple online mindset quiz.
Understand the Neuroscience of Mindset and Principles of Neuroplasticity to Rewire Your Brain
  • What is neuroplasticity and how does it work?

  • How with the power of neuroplasticity anyone change their brain, physically and functionally with just changes in environment and behavior.
  • The 3 levels at which our brain changes on the concept of neuroplasticity
  • How neuroplasticity for kids works and a real-life example of a kid with half-removed brain handle the 100% work.
How to Change Your Mindset for Success
  • Learn the self image psychology and How to ascertain your true self-image
  • how to improve self image through effective techniques
  • Use WIND Formula to re-narrate self-talk going on in your inner critic brain.
  • Master internal self talk. change your words change your mind set.
  • How to deal with optional and mandatory negative partners and specific techniques to insulate yourself and upgrade your social circle.
  • The 33% Mentor Rule to invest your available time with people around you.
  • 5 Essential daily routines that will consistently refine and upgrade your mindset to take up bigger challenges of life.
  • One sleep and wake up routine that will help you harness the power of your sub-conscious mind.
  • How to installation a new code to your mindset operating system by reading books that will change your mind.
  • The four-step formula to transform your fear into confidence.
  • How making mistakes improve your thinking abilities
  • How to step into fallback position like wrestlers when life throws on you adversities and challenges, so you get bounce back with faster.

Loaded with quotes for growth mindset, this book will empower you with a robust mindset.

If You Want To Change Your Life Change Your Mind. Period.

Are you ready?

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ISBN: 9781654888039
ISBN-10: 1654888036
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English