Excursions in Electromagnetics (Paperback)

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If you think you understand Maxwell's equations, this book is definitely for you This book is a sequel to the introductory book "An Electrifying Introduction to Electromagnetics". Hop in and fasten your seat belts An adventure awaits you on a roller-coaster ride across the electromagnetic field, rewriting, even reformulating, and probing every detail in the formulation of Maxwell's equations. New insights on the formulation of Maxwell's equations are presented, to understand why Maxwell's equations are formulated the way they are.

This work is also the journey of my struggle to answer the question, "Why is Faraday's law formulated using the electric field, and not the electric-displacement field, also known as the electric-flux density?" An outcome of this research is the hypothesis of a little more generalized version of Faraday's law, where Faraday's law is formulated using the electric-displacement field, making the present formulation of Faraday's law, a special case.

Any proposal to reformulate Maxwell's equations will surely be treated with a chuckle or disdain. I use this platform, therefore, to present my ideas. I present only a logical proof and limited empirical data with approximations. Feel free to challenge them, until conclusive empirical results are available. But regardless, this book will only strengthen your understanding of Maxwell's equations.

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ISBN: 9781735736808
ISBN-10: 1735736805
Publisher: Krishna Srinivasan
Publication Date: October 25th, 2020
Pages: 94
Language: English