Lumberjack Dan's Lumberjack Day (Hardcover)

Lumberjack Dan's Lumberjack Day By Cody Wheeler Cover Image
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Discover the fun-filled day of Lumberjack Dan in this exciting children's rhyming picture book, "Lumberjack Dan's Lumberjack Day " Follow Dan and his pals on a thrilling day-in-the-life adventure filled with chopping, planting, log rolling, climbing, and much more Perfect for kids who love nature and outdoor activities, this read-aloud delight is an excellent addition to your bedtime story lineup

Lumberjack Dan's Lumberjack Day is a grin-filled book that's a hoot to read I must say It doesn't matter your age; the story is just fun So see Dan and his friends work and play from the early morning hours to the late setting sun

You can read it to yourself if that suits you best, or read it out loud to a friend or a guest. It's a day full of chopping, rolling, climbing, and planting. If I say so myself, the story is quite enchanting

If you haven't noticed by now the story all rhymes, it's what people like best, so get with the times Order your copy without delay, and please, please, please enjoy Lumberjack Dan's Lumberjack Day

Product Details
ISBN: 9781738717828
ISBN-10: 1738717828
Publisher: Stacking Cats Publishing Co.
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English