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Reviews for the previous editions: Because it stays focused, it succeeds. When you read Stargazing, you feel as though you have a friend who's helping you think about the world of telescopes. --Sky and Telescope

A practical guide that demystifies the process of buying a telescope... valuable advice on how to instantly spot misleading labels on low-end telescopes. --Astronomical Society of the Pacific "Books of Note"

Buying a telescope is essential for the stargazer who wishes to progress from binocular sky watching. With so many choices in technology and price, how does one choose just the right one? Robin Scagell supplies an expert's objective advice to making a smart purchase.

Newly updated and revised with the latest technology, Stargazing with a Telescope demystifies the process of buying and using a telescope. The features and benefits of the different types of viewing instruments are evaluated in straightforward terms, and color illustrations help to clarify the choices.

Equipment covered includes:

  • Binoculars: a range of choices for astronomers at any level
  • Refractors: classic telescopes that are easy to use and maintain
  • Reflectors: sophisticated instruments that allow night sky photography
  • Catadioptrics: compact telescopes that are gaining popularity
  • CCDs and webcams.

New to this edition is information and guidance on taking astro-images not only with a camera but by using CCDs (charge-coupled devices), which are better for capturing nebulae and fainter objects beyond the solar system. There is also new and exciting guidance on using webcams to capture objects moving in the night sky.

The book provides brand names and model numbers and the general advice applies to all brands, including recent model releases. Lens size, focal lengths, focal ratios and much more are explained with clear diagrams and non-scientific text. Also covered are accessories such as eyepieces, filters, mounts and supports, with suggestions for photography through the telescope, and choices of cameras and film types.

About the Author

Robin Scagell, formerly the Vice-President of the Society for Popular Astronomy, is the author of numerous astronomy books.
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ISBN: 9781770853294
ISBN-10: 1770853294
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2014
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Firefly Pocket