Enemies United (Hardcover)

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William of Normandy set sail to arrive in England in October 1066 to take the throne and force his right above the Saxon King Harold. Successful in the battle and taking the crown, his army of well-trained knights were rewarded with lands.

Mostly of lands that no longer had a Thegn, this is a story of how an elderly ailing Thegn where his lands were gifted to one of William's most loyal knights Gilbert Bayeux, the struggle and lengths afterwards to protect his grandchild and how the two enemies united to bring peace to Alder-Sea and its villagers along with all of England. The child was disguised as a serf, the knight was intrigued and drawn to the boy's beautiful lavender blue eyes.

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ISBN: 9781800312364
ISBN-10: 1800312369
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: March 18th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English