Killer Couples: True Stories of Partners in Crime (Paperback)

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An exploration of the deadly dynamic that exists between men and women whose romantic obsession leads them to commit acts of bloody devastation Love and lust are among the most powerful of emotions, but when a joint thirst for violence is thrown into the mix, it creates the ultimate lethal cocktail. These case histories raise the questions of what kind of love proves itself by brutality against innocents, what warped ties of loyalty bind a lover to a mate who murders, and how the balance of power between a couple can become so twisted that other people become irrelevant and, worse, disposable. The couples in this book are ordinary people with an extraordinary secret—murder. In all their horrific detail, readers will discover how their flaws and fantasies fused to create a monster that fed on the sadistic extermination of their victims.

About the Author

Tammy Cohen is the author of The Day I Died and Deadly Divorces.
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ISBN: 9781843584933
ISBN-10: 184358493X
Publisher: John Blake
Publication Date: June 1st, 2012
Pages: 274
Language: English