The Harsh Winds of Rathlin: Stories of Rathlin Shipwrecks (Paperback)

The Harsh Winds of Rathlin: Stories of Rathlin Shipwrecks By Tommy Cecil, Mario Weidner Cover Image
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This is an updated and extended edition of Thomas Cecil's original The Harsh Winds of Rathlin: Stories of Rathlin Shipwrecks, first published in 1989. This earlier edition contained the result of all the known wrecks known at the time. This new edition gives accounts of later dives undertaken before Tommy's untimely death. This material has been supplied by Mario Weidner - Tommy's great friend, fellow diver and researcher. Tommy was never convinced that the troop carrier SS Tuscania had sunk off the coast of Scotland. Mario, who comes from Germany, was able to research the German naval records and discovered critical information leading to the location of the SS Tuscania, which lay in exceptionally deep waters. Using this new research and the most advanced diving techniques of the time, both men, with their team of divers, ventured into the waters around Rathlin and discover and explored the vessel. This new edition also contains additional material on the shipwrecked Santa Maria. Other notable wrecks include: HMS Drake, Ella Hewitt, The Lochgarry, The Santa Maria, The Girvan, The Templemore, The Pintail, The Shackleton, The Bouncer, The Lugano, The Erlo Hills, The Arriero, and The Taymouth Castle. Sadly, Tommy lost his life on September 21, 1997 while diving to the Tuscania. He is forever missed by his wife and family, the people of Rathlin and all who had the pleasure of diving with him.
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Publication Date: October 22nd, 2020
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