A Matter of Class Series Books 1-3 (Paperback)

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'I am completely blown away by this series...Simply outstanding.' Book Reviews for U, book reviewer

This single paperback volume contains the first, second and third books in Susie Murphy's historical fiction series A Matter of Class.

Society said they shouldn't fall in love...

A Class Apart: It's 1828, and Ireland is in turmoil as Irish tenants protest against their upper-class English landlords. Spirited Bridget Muldowney, a landowner's daughter, and loyal Cormac McGovern, a stable hand's son, once ran wild around the country estate as childhood friends. But now that they're adults, Bridget's overbearing mother is determined to enforce the employer-servant boundaries between them and plots to keep them apart. With the odds stacked against them, can Bridget and Cormac's childhood attachment blossom into something more?

They never thought they'd see each other again...

A Class Entwined: Trapped in distressing circumstances, Bridget and Cormac must each seek courage within themselves to do what they can to survive. In the face of unspeakable struggles, they discover that fate can act in the most unexpected of ways.

His past could destroy their future...

A Class Forsaken: As they confront the consequences of Bridget's embittered mother's actions, Bridget and Cormac must also come to terms with an agonising choice between family and duty. And when their loved ones are endangered, will the threat be great enough to crush the hopeful future they have envisioned together?

The story continues in the fourth book in the series, A Class Coveted.

Praise for A Matter of Class:

'A beautifully written historical novel with characters who linger long after the last page is turned.' Hazel Gaynor, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Came Home

'Not only are Murphy's characters well developed, interesting, and genuine, but their love story is epic...These books have been wonderful reads and capture the essence of sweeping saga.' The Lit Bitch, book reviewer

'This series keeps getting better...Once I started reading this book, it was so hard to stop...Such evocative writing.' Elizabeth Bell, author of the Lazare Family Saga

'Murphy must own a time machine, or else she couldn't possibly do such a good job of sucking a modern-day reader completely back into 1800s Ireland. The story of Bridget and Cormac comes vividly to life in this sweeping tale of romance.' Ashley O'Melia, author and freelance writer

'An Irish historical saga full of romance and betrayal across the class divide...My heart broke repeatedly for the characters...Highly recommend ' Kelsey Gietl, author of Across Oceans

'With adventure and drama and romance, this is a series I'll continue to recommend left, right and centre.' Between My Lines, book reviewer

'Susie Murphy is an exceptional writer, with a keen ability for creating memorable characters and sweeping settings...Settle in for your new favorite book series.' Pursuing Stacie, book reviewer

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