Pam on the Map: Switzerland: (Retrospective) (Paperback)

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In 2007, Pam Stucky and five other family members embarked on a family heritage trip to Switzerland. Throughout their travels, Pam and her "cub reporters" wrote home regularly to bring the trip to life for friends and family. Together, the six travelers enjoyed a trek through a vineyard trail, took a ride on a Chocolate Train, traveled to the "Top of Europe," made trips to two different cheese factories, and experienced a unique visit to an alpenhorn factory. The group ate r sti and double cream over berries, climbed hundreds of stairs, visited dozens of ancestral sites, and witnessed an unusual but fabulous array of toilets. Pam on the Map: Switzerland is a short travelogue recounting those tales.

Filled with wit and wanderlust, Pam on the Map: Switzerland shares the humor and wonder of a family on a quest to discover the country their ancestors once called home. Pam on the Map: Switzerland is one of the "retrospective" books in the Pam on the Map series.

About the Pam on the Map series:

In the Pam on the Map series, author and traveler Pam Stucky offers her own engaging twist on the modern travelogue genre.

Pam is curious. She's curious about the world, and curious about people. In her Pam on the Map series, Pam sets out to discover and connect with people and places, and to take readers along on her adventures through her almost real-time reports. Raw and real, Pam's tales are infused with candid honesty, humorous observations, and perceptive insights. Pam's descriptive, entertaining, conversational style brings her trips alive, making readers feel as though they're traveling right along with her.

Though they're not guidebooks, the Pam on the Map books are still informative and illuminating, providing useful tips and plentiful ideas for people who might want to follow along in Pam's footsteps.
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ISBN: 9781940800042
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Publisher: Wishing Rock Press
Publication Date: October 8th, 2013
Pages: 94
Language: English