Detective in the White City: The Real Story of Frank Geyer (Large Print / Paperback)

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Large Print format. The remarkable true story of the uncompromising and relentless detective who investigated one of America's first serial killers, the man known as the 'Devil in the White City, ' H. H. Holmes, and others like him.

This extraordinary historical biography provides a chronological account of Frank Geyer's life and features murder cases that made national headlines and the history of one of America's largest police departments, complete with 95 rare illustrations and photos

"History like never before "

Who was the world's famous detective who outsmarted criminals from the Gilded Age and whose wife and daughter never died in a fire, like scholars claimed?


  • Geyer's incredible investigation of H. H. Holmes, death of Benjamin Pitezel, the horrific discovery of the missing Pitezel children, Holmes' trial, and a 'Devil in Him' chapter
  • Mary Hannah Tabbs and the gruesome torso murder
  • Modern Borgia killer, Sarah Jane Whiteling, the first woman hung in Philadelphia
  • White Chapel Row
  • Mrs. Annie Gaskin and the killer cat
  • Top secret search in Rio de Janeiro
  • Fake highwaymen murder for insurance, and plot to kill Detective Geyer
  • Law enforcement and Philadelphia history
  • Reuben Geyer in theCivil War, President Franklin Pierce, and Franks' hometown
  • Truth about Geyer's wife and daughter
  • with Sources, List of Illustrations and Credits, Bibliography, Notes, and Index
  • 95 rare historical illustrations and photos, restored
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ISBN: 9781946100054
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Publisher: Rw Publishing House
Publication Date: May 25th, 2018
Pages: 504
Language: English