Urbanism Beyond 2020: Reflections During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Paperback)

Urbanism Beyond 2020: Reflections During the Covid-19 Pandemic By Vinayak Bharne, My Liveable City Cover Image
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Urbanism Beyond 2020 explores numerous questions triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic: Why is city making a health project? How are ecological and human wellbeing interrelated? How can leadership and governance help bridge gaps in our unjust cities? How might we renew our relationship with dwellings and neighborhoods? How resilient and adaptable are our cities during uncertain times? Amidst climate change and global warming, is the pandemic a prelude to the challenges to come?

Addressed to anyone invested in the well-being of our cities, this collection of essays by an accomplished urban designer and city planner reminds us why the pointers to our future will not emerge exclusively from affluent nations or less developed societies alone, why we live in an interconnected world, and why this pandemic is a crucial period to reexamine the impact of our cities on our planet's future.
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ISBN: 9781954081079
ISBN-10: 1954081073
Publisher: Oro Editions
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 160
Language: English