Jack the Ripper: The Hand of the Church: Illustrated (Paperback)

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The Whitechapel murders were a public scandal and remain a historical mystery. Anyone looking into the case is drawn to its unsolvable nature. There are as many Ripperologist's as there are names put forward as the, would be, 'Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper.' A name he gave himself. This book is unlike any other, it is unique. I do not draw the reader into a conspiracy, a dead end, but deal with the facts. I do not waste the reader's imagination, but draw them into a simple conclusion based on research. The reader of course is wary, for if there really is a solution to the murders they would have been solved at the time in the nineteenth century. This time lapse will necessarily hinder anyone solving the crimes, but we do have historical documents and real witnesses. I do not make any apology for my conclusions. Justice belongs to the victims, not to the chief of priests a system they have made. In this small volume we shall uncover the man behind the mask of 'Jack the Ripper, 'who for a century has eluded us in London's fog. The reader I leave to make up their own mind.
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