Advanced Semiconducting Materials and Devices (Engineering Materials) (Paperback)

Advanced Semiconducting Materials and Devices (Engineering Materials) By K. M. Gupta, Nishu Gupta Cover Image
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Semiconductor Materials: Their Properties and Applications, And Recent Advances.- Overview of Crystals, Bonding, Imperfections, Atomic Models, Narrow and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors and, Semiconductor Devices.- Carrier Transport in Semiconductors.- Excess Carriers in Semiconductors.- P-N Junctions and their Breakdown Mechanisms.- Different Types of Diodes, Ideal and Real Diodes, Switching Diodes, Abrupt and Graded Junctions.- Majority Carrier Diodes (Tunnel Diode, Backward Diode, Schottky Barrier Diode, Ohmic Contacts, and Heterojunctions).- Microwave Diodes (Varactor Diode, p-i-n Diode, IMPATT Diode, TRAPATT Diode, BARITT Diode, etc.).- Optoelectronic Devices.- Bipolar Junction Transistors.- Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors, MOS Transistors and Charge Coupled Devices.- Semiconductor Devices.- Semiconductor Growth Techniques and Device Fabrication.- Special Semiconducting Materials in Vivid Fields, Plasmonic Solar Cell, and Photonics.- Nano-Structured Semiconducting Materials and Devices.- Recent Advances in Semiconducting Materials and Devices.- References.- Glossary.

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ISBN: 9783319368849
ISBN-10: 3319368842
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2016
Pages: 573
Language: English
Series: Engineering Materials