PeaceMaker (Paperback)

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A four volume edition of the writings of Anthony of Boston. It contains four books with various attempts to formulate would be solutions to the Ukraine conflict at various junctures throughout the year of 2022. The author takes into the account the fear of nuclear escalation, as well as the demands for a peaceful settlement, all without losing sight of the fact that Ukraine is justified to defend their territory. The book also castigates US foreign policy as an influential component in escalating the conflict, and yet still the author manages to show how Ukraine can still win back all of its territory. There is one factor that Russia is ignoring and to which will ultimately work against them. The long forgotten war between Russia and Chechnya in 1996 becomes relevant and may be key in helping the reader understand that victory for Ukraine against the Russian Federation is a very real possibility.

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ISBN: 9798215379028
Publisher: Anthony of Boston
Publication Date: February 13th, 2023
Pages: 502
Language: English