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Jo put her hand on her sister's, and both sat silent for a little while, surveying the pleasant scenebefore them with mingled sad and happy thoughts.It certainly did look as if magic had been at work, for quiet Plumfield was transformed into a busylittle world. The house seemed more hospitable than ever, refreshed now with new paint, addedwings, well-kept lawn and garden, and a prosperous air it had not worn when riotous boys swarmedeverywhere and it was rather difficult for the Bhaers to make both ends meet. On the hill, wherekites used to be flown, stood the fine college which Mr Laurence's munificent legacy had built. Busystudents were going to and fro along the paths once trodden by childish feet, and many young menand women were enjoying all the advantages that wealth, wisdom, and benevolence could give them.Just inside the gates of Plumfield a pretty brown cottage, very like the Dovecote, nestled amongthe trees, and on the green slope westward Laurie's white-pillared mansion glittered in the sunshine;for when the rapid growth of the city shut in the old house, spoilt Meg's nest, and dared to put asoap-factory under Mr Laurence's indignant nose, our friends emigrated to Plumfield, and the greatchanges began.
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ISBN: 9798709044715
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English