Xeno-Hollywood: American Mind, Film (Paperback)

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Prominent writer and director Deepadas Munshi explores the maze of American film in "Xeno-Hollywood: American Mind, Film," trying to decipher the complex relationship between the silver screen and the American psyche. Munshi examines how Hollywood film reflects, influences, and occasionally challenges the collective consciousness of the American people with sharp analysis and a keen eye for cultural nuances.

Munshi explores the xenomorphic aspect of Hollywood through a series of thought-provoking pieces, showing how the industry celebrates the "other" while also maintaining prejudices and upholding social norms. By utilising a wide range of films spanning several decades, including both modern blockbusters and classic masterpieces, Munshi provides new perspectives on the intricate relationship between identity, ideology, and representation in American cinema.

"Xeno-Hollywood" delves under the glossy exterior of Hollywood productions to reveal the more profound currents of American politics and culture running through its veins. Munshi skillfully traverses the science fiction spectacles, identity and belonging dramas, and historical narrative shadows to shed light on the underlying inconsistencies and conflicts that characterise the American film industry.

Munshi takes readers on a journey into the corridors of cinematic imagination, where dreams and realities intersect and the lines separating the familiar from the exotic are blurred, all through painstaking research and captivating storytelling. "Xeno-Hollywood" is more than just a book about films; it's a deep dive into the American psyche and its persistent preoccupation with the transformational potential of narrative.

Munshi, who is a scholar and filmmaker, adds a special viewpoint to the conversation by pushing readers to reconsider their preconceived notions about Hollywood and its role in American culture. "Xeno-Hollywood" offers a rich tapestry of ideas that will inspire, provoke, and educate long after the credits roll, making it essential reading for anyone interested in the nexus of film, society, and the human condition.

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ISBN: 9798869161604
Publisher: Hollywood
Publication Date: January 30th, 2024
Pages: 222
Language: English