BE A SCRIBE! Working for a Better Life in Ancient Egypt (Hardcover)

BE A SCRIBE! Working for a Better Life in Ancient Egypt By Michael Hoffen, Christian Casey, Jen Thum Cover Image
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This is an extraordinary translation of a papyrus dating from ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom era by Michael Hoffen, the 16-year-old author of Be a Scribe! with the help of co-authors Dr. Christian Casey and Dr. Jen Thum.
Michael Hoffen became fascinated by the text, known as The Instruction of Khety, when he learned that it tells the tale of a teenage boy living almost 4,000 years ago—Pepi.
Pepi wonders what career path he should choose, an important matter still contemplated today by millions of teenagers forty centuries later. His father Khety takes him on a long journey up the Nile to enroll him in a school far away from home, where Pepi will learn to read and write. Along the way, Khety explains 18 other terrible jobs Pepi could end up having to work at if he is not hired as a scribe.
This tale of a teenage boy in ancient Egypt shows readers that working for a living has never been easy!
Sail up the Nile with an ancient Egyptian father and son and discover what daily life was like along the way. Experience the wonderful world of ancient Egypt with the help of countless artifacts and paintings. Delight in four-thousand-year-old humor and immerse yourself in the choices facing a teenage boy in Egypt then.
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ISBN: 9798987412435
Publisher: Callaway Children's Classics
Publication Date: April 9th, 2024
Pages: 96
Language: English