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Henry David Thoreau's collection of essays and poetry, "Excursions," was released two years after his death. Thoreau's writings on nature, philosophy, and social concerns are spread throughout the book. The articles in "Excursions" are organized according to various subjects, such as "The Succession of Forest Trees," "A Trip to Wachusett," and "Natural History of Massachusetts." Thoreau utilizes his views of nature to explore further into philosophical issues including the way people interact with the natural world, what progress means, and the place of individuality in society. In "Excursions," Thoreau also includes a number of his poetry in addition to his writings. Several of these poems highlight the value of living a modest, thoughtful life as well as the beauty of nature. Thoreau stresses the value of living in balance with nature and developing a strong connection to it throughout the whole book. According to him, making this link may motivate people to strive towards a more fair and equal society as well as help them find meaning and purpose in their own lives. "Excursions" is, in general, a celebration of the natural environment and a plea for people to live more completely and purposefully every day.