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Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws That Affect Us Today (Hardcover) - signed by Cynthia Levinson and Sanford Levinson

SKU: 9781561459452s

Many of the political issues we struggle with today have their roots in the US Constitution. 

This book takes readers back to the creation of this historic document and discuss how contemporary problems were first introduced-then they offer possible solutions. Think Electoral College, gerrymandering, even the Senate. 

Each chapter in this timely and thoughtful exploration of the Constitution's creation begins with a story that connects directly back to a section of the document that forms the basis of our society and government.

From the award-winning team, Cynthia Levinson, children's book author, and Sanford Levinson, constitutional law scholar, Faultlines in the Constitution will encourage exploration and discussion from young and old readers alike.

Price: $19.95