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J.V. Lamotte

J.V. Lamotte has always had the gift of gab, which probably comes from her Scottish roots.  She has been a storyteller all her life, going back to her youth growing up in central Massachusetts. The Peacock Butterfly is the written extension of this oral tradition that so greatly influenced her childhood and her childhood dreams.  This, her first novel, is the fulfillment of one of those dreams.
The Peacock Butterfly Cover Image
ISBN: 9780984981502
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Published: Bent Spoon Media - March 1st, 2011

Like many little girls in the 1940s Nena Meyer grew up with dreams of
her future. And not just princess dreams or dreams of getting married,
but dreams of seeing and being a part of the world, which lay before
her, an unplowed, fertile field, as lush and ripe with potential as the
fields of her grandparents' farm. Unfortunately, Nena's dreams, like the
occasional harvest, did not end up as planned. The Peacock Butterfly
follows the growth of Nena's dreams, along with those of her eventual
husband, and their families. Through the horrors of World War II to
Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s, from Boston to New York City, to
London and Paris, you'll dine with the Hicks and Meyers, and laugh and
cry with their families. Eventually, we all discover what someone dear
to Nena once told her, "when dreams do not come true, you make new