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Stephanie Bennett Vogt

Stephanie Bennett Vogt, M.A., is New England's leading expert in the field of space clearing. She left a successful twenty-year teaching career in 1996 and devoted a decade to the study of clutter and its effects on people. Her passion for creating beautiful spaces that support,nourish, and inspire, provides the backdrop to her award-winning book Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are.

Stephanie is the founder of SpaceClear, a private consulting and teaching practice specializing in bringing homes and their occupants back into balance, and is on the faculty of the New England School of Feng Shui and The Women's Well. She lives in Concord, MA with her husband and daughter. To learn more visit:

Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are Cover Image
ISBN: 9780595418688
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Published: iUniverse - May 1st, 2007

Behind our stress and our clutter is an infinitely spacious place one might call stillness or joy. This is our natural state of being, but we usually do not experience it because we are caught in a web of material possessions, desires, and fears.

Why has clutter become like another member of the family that we feed, house,and lug around? Your Spacious Self:Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are shows us that it's not our stuff, but the holding onto it that creates a force field of "stuck-ness" that clouds our perceptions and paralyzes our lives. Clutter is not just the junk spilling out of the closet, it is any thing or thought that prevents us from experiencing who we truly are. Clearing is not a tedious exercise of throwing away, but a gentle journey of softening our grip and letting go!

Radical in its message and elegant in its simplicity, Your Spacious Self offers a new model of clearing that combines the ancient wisdom of space clearing with the modern practicality of clutter clearing. It teaches us that clearing is not just something we do, but also a powerful way to be--one small step, drawer, or moment at a time.

"Supportive... Practical... Vogt shows how cleaning the living room can help clear the mind."- Kirkus Discoveries

"Your Spacious Self" transformed my understanding of 'tidying up.'Never before did I view external clutter as a pathway to internal growth, as stuck energy, and as something that was separating me from my true essence. Before you tackle another closet, read this book!" -Susan Page, best-selling author of Why Talking is Not Enough