Pre-order your signed edition of Katalina Gamarra's "Ben and Beatriz"

Katalina Gamarra was a bookseller at the Concord Bookshop until she left to pursue her writing full-time. We're delighted to welcome her back to our shelves as a published author, and to offer signed editions of her work!

Pre-order your signed - or personally inscribed copy of Ben and Beatriz, a steamy contemporary novel springboarding from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Set post-2016 US Presidential election, the story focuses on four Harvard seniors: Beatriz “Bea” Herrera is a queer, biracial Latinx woman, devasted by the election results and the turmoil in America. Her cousin Hero offers friendship and support. Claudio is Hero's boyfriend, who invites the young women to spend spring break at the Cape Cod home of his best friend, Ben, a straight white man from a conservative WASP family.

Seemingly polar opposites in every way, Bea and Ben did hook up in Freshman year, and have been purposefully avoiding each other ever since.

Will political, social, and sexual tensions rise to the surface during their week away? The maybe/maybeNot love story explores race, colorism, sexuality, and privilege.

Ben and Beatriz is scheduled to publish on August 2, 2022. If you'd like a personally inscribed book, please indicate wording (i.e. "To Will") in the Comments section of your order.